GAMSAT Syllabus

This is my suggested GAMSAT syllabus for biology, chemistry and physics based on the topics most likely to come up in the actual test based on analysis of past sittings.

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GAMSAT Syllabus
GAMSAT Syllabus


Biological molecules

carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, enzymes

Nucleic Acids

RNA, DNA, energy & ATP


structure, specialisation and organisation

prokaryotic cells and viruses


cell cycle

Cell Membranes

osmosis, diffusion, active transport

Immune System


T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, anti-bodies, vaccination

Organsims & Exchange

gas exchange in single cells

gas exchange in fish

gas exchange in plants

gas exchange in lungs

enzymes and digestion

Mass Transport

haemoglobin, circulatory system, the heart, cardiac cycle

transport of water in the xylem and organic molecules in phloem


genes, DNA, chromosomes, ribonucleic acid

protein synthesis



natural selection, inheritance, probability and genetic crosses

dihybrid inheritance, co-dominance and multiple alleles, sex linkage

The chi squared test

population genetics, isolation and speciation

Energy Transfer

photosynthesis, light and dark reactions

aerobic and anaerobic respiration, glycolysis, Krebs cycle,

Nervous System & Muscles

neurones, action potential, speed of nerve impulse, synapses

stucture and contraction of muscle


feedback mechanisms, hormones, blood sugar control

osmoregulation, nephrons

Physical Chemistry

Atomic Structure

particles, mass number, atomic number, isotopes, electrons

electron arrangements and ionisation


atomic and molecular masses, the mole, moles in solution, the Avogadro constant

the ideal gas equation, empirical and molecular formaulae

balanced equations and percentage yields


ionic, covalent, metallic bonds

electronegativity, forces between molecules, shapes of molecules and ions


exothermic and endothermic reactions

enthalpy, enthalpy changes of combustion, bond enthalpy,Hess's law


collision theory, Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, catalysts

rate of chemical reactions, rate expression, order of reaction, the rate equation, Arrhenius equation, the rate determing step


equilibrium reactions, equilibrium constant Kc, equilibrium constant Kp, rate determing step, equilibrium calculations

Oxidation, Reduction and Redox Reactions


enthalpy change, Born-Haber cycles

Electrodes and Electrochemical Cells

electrochemical cells,

direction of redox reactions

Acids, Bases, Buffers

pH scale, weak acids and bases, acid-base titrations

indicators, buffer solutions

Organic Chemistry


naming organic compounds,optically active compunds

The Carbonyl Group

aldehydes, ketones and reactions of the carbonyl group

carboxylic acids and esters and their reactions, acylation


physical properties, naming, reactions


synthesis, as bases, as nucleophiles


condensation of polymers



the atom, stable and unstable nuclei, photons, particles, antiparticles

Quarks and Leptons

particle sorting, leptons, quarks and antiquarks, conservation rules

Quantum Phenomena

photoelectricity, electrons colliding with atoms, atom energy levels and spectra, wave particle duality


measuring waves and properties, stationary and progressive waves


refraction of light, total internal reflection, double slit interference,



vectors and scalars, balanced forces, moments, stability, equilibrium,

speed, velocity, acceleration, free fall, motion graphs,

projectile motion, Newtons laws of motion, force and acceleration, F=ma, terminal speed,

Force and Momentum

momentum, impulse, conservation of momentum. elastic and inelastic collisions, explosions

Work, Energy and Power

work, energy, kinetic energy and potential energy, power


density, springs, deformation of solids, stress and strain

Electric Current

currents and charge, potential difference, resistance and resistivity

DC circuits, circuit rules, electromotive force and internal resistance.

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT please check out Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

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Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System