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If you're looking for a GAMSAT past paper or prior actual Gamsat papers then the first thing I need to say is that "actual" past papers don't exist. However this doesn't mean that you can't access examples of the test as I'll explain further on.

So the first thing to realize is that ACER (the Australian Council for Educational Research) which is the private company which runs the whole Gamsat (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) do not release actual Gamsat past papers of previous years sittings of the test.

The reason for this is that the questions are kept in a bank and may be reused in future sittings.

In fact when you sit Gamsat most of the questions on your paper will have been used in prior tests.

Each year only a small handful of new questions are used.

And these new questions are not used in the calculation of your final score.

They are just being tested. ACER will evaluate how students perform in these new questions, determine if they are the correct difficulty and ensure they do not contain any errors or ambiguities. Only then will they decide whether to include the new questions into the question bank for use in future editions of the test.

Does this mean there are no example past papers available?

No, it doesn't mean that.

You CAN get some example papers from ACER. These are composed of actual questions from the ACER Gamsat question bank.

What they are NOT is an actual past paper. That means that the precise combination of questions shown in the sample papers available have never actually appeared in an actual Gamsat.

What is less certain is whether the questions in these sample papers are still used and whether they could appear in future sittings of the test. Some students have reported seeing questions from the example papers in the actual Gamsat so it seems likely that some of these questions at least are still "live" and could actually be used.

How many sample papers are available?

ACER makes available five books of Gamsat questions but not all of these are equivalent to a full test.

The first two which are called "Sample Questions" and "Practice Questions" are equivalent to about half a full test and contain questions for section 1, section 3 and some essay prompts for section 2.

"Practice Questions" is included in the cost of your test registration fee but "Sample Questions" has to be purchased separately.

The remaining three books which also have to be purchased separately are simply known as "Practice Tests" (one, two and three).

These are all equivalent to a full Gamsat paper.

They all come with answers to all the questions so you can mark your paper and there is also a very limited amount of worked solutions.

The full papers cost $45 AUD each (at the time of writing) and the practice test and sample test cost $27 AUD each.

These are all provided in e-book PDF format ONLY.

All of these are available from the ACER website at

Are there any other papers I can buy?

Yes in addition to the official papers above many private Gamsat preparation companies sell their own practice papers.

As part of the Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study Course for example in addition to the practice questions included in each of the modules for section one and three you also get our full set of highly realistic practice tests.

Gamsat Practice Papers
Gamsat Practice Papers

The advantage these have over the official ACER tests is that they contain fully worked solutions for every question which makes them much more useful for learning from.

Other prep companies also have similar products although the quality of the questions can vary considerably so do some research before buying.


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