Gamsat Practice Test 3 Solutions

Watch our video series of Gamsat Practice Test 3 Solutions where our expert science tutor presents worked answers showing you how to solve the questions.

Welcome to the last in our series of worked solutions videos for the ACER Gamsat practice tests. In this final set of videos we go through section 3 of the third test which is the Pink Booklet.

Gamsat Practice Test 3 Pink Booklet Answers
Worked answers for ACER Gamsat Practice Test 3 - the Pink Booklet by Gamsat Review. Go through our worked solutions and find out how the answers are arrived at.

The above takes you to a list of all the video solutions, of which there are 34 in total where you can choose which question you want to see the solution to in any order out of the 110 questions. Or if you prefer to go through them in order and start with the first one which is questions 1-4 then the first video is below:

Gamsat Practice Test 3 Solutions

This is my suggested way to get the most benefit from these worked solutions:

First of all attempt the practice test, preferably under timed exam conditions. Given that ACER only provide you with 3 full length practice tests you should reserve these for your final mock exam practice in the last few weeks leading up to the test.

If you want to practice just doing a few questions here or there as you go along in your preparation, or picking out particular subject questions such as only physics questions etc. then I'd use the ACER Sample Questions book, or some of the many commercially available practice questions.

In the Griffiths GAMSAT Review for example we have many high standard practice questions for you to use for all three sections and all come with worked answers.

So there's no reason to ever run out of questions.

Once you've attempted your question booklet under timed conditions you'll obviously want to mark it using the answer key which ACER supply at the back of the book and which tells you the correct letter for each question - A,B, C or D.

Now you'll want to do a review of your CORRECT answers going through the test again (before you look at the videos) -

What you're looking for is questions that you got correct but which fell into either of the following categories -

  1. It was just a guess, or;
  2. You struggled and suspect there might be a better of faster way to arrive at the correct solution.

Add any questions which fell into either of these categories to the list of questions you got wrong and then select the videos from the list of our practice test 3 solutions corresponding to these questions to review.

This in my opinion is the most efficient use of your time and the best way to use the solutions for most people.

However if you've got time on your hands and want to go through the whole series including the questions you got correct then feel free. It may well be that you find an alternative way to arrive at the same answer which is faster or easier than the method you used.

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT check out Griffiths Gamsat Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study Course
Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study Course