Gamsat Results 2020 - Reasons For Failure

I know yesterdays Gamsat results will have come as a big disappointment for most of you.

The harsh truth is 80% of people will fail because it's a competitive test and the scores are set to select approximately the top 20% for interview.

So it doesn't necessarily reflect badly on you.

Even if everyone who took the test had the IQ of Einstein, 80% would still fail because there'd still be a ranking from top to bottom.

So how to improve?

How to get in that VITAL TOP 20%?

There is no one size fits all answer.

You need to look at how close to or far off the "pass" mark you were and which sections let you down.

Generally speaking you need an overall score of about 65 to be competitive.

So if you scored around 50 or under the simple reality is you just need to study more.

Stop listening to the people in their bubble on the forums telling you "it's changed, it's all about reasoning now" and actually put the work in to learn the science.

Believe me, I've been following Gamsat for 15 years and while some question styles have changed, it hasn't changed that much. You still need to study the science to first year degree level just like ACER say in their OFFICIAL ADVICE.

But what if your score is much closer to a "pass" mark or you've already studied a lot and your score has maybe improved from the last sitting but just not quite enough?

Then it's more likely you need to acquire techniques and exam strategies to give you that edge to squeeze out a few extra marks to put you over the line.

If you've already studied loads just studying more probably isn't going to achieve anything.

Where can you get these techniques and strategies?

Well, you've probably already spent hours and hours in the echo chamber that is the forums so if you haven't found what you need from there then consider taking a Gamsat course or system.

A tutor is also a possibility but the problem with a tutor is they're likely to be just someone who recently passed Gamsat themselves and won't have built up years of experience with the test like a professionally run course.

I also want to talk specifically about Section II

I've been following a lot of the post Gamsat discussions on the forums today as hundreds of people log in to discuss the results and one thing stood out to me....

...and that is how many people say that their Section II score actually went down, in some cases by as much as 10 points.

A lot of them even said they had a tutor who told them their essays were great....

They didn't understand it.

This really shouldn't be happening....

As I've said in previous emails you need a reliable, reproducible essay writing system, and preferably one which has been proven to work over many years with thousands of people like the one in my Section 2 Blueprint.

You don't need to use mine but get something like it, anything...

"my Section 2 score dropped 5 points between the first two attempts. I was sceptical about Griffiths Gamsat Review's ability to help but it proved to be an invaluable resource in helping me develop a style the markers liked. My final S2 score of 72 is proof." - Timothy Nelson

In summary look at where you went wrong and take the appropriate action to fix it.

You don't want to be here again in 6 months after the next Gamsat (and have to spend ANOTHER $515 or £268 on the test fee.)

Good luck on your journey!


Dr Peter Griffiths - General Medical Council number: 7040383

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT check out Griffiths Gamsat Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

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Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study Course