Hi there,

Today I want to discuss some statistics surrounding the test.

According to a 10 year analysis of GAMSAT results published in the journal  BMC Medical Education and available online from PubMed


HIGHER SCORES in GAMSAT are more likely for people who are MALE, from an ENGLISH SPEAKING background and under the AGE of 24.

I'll leave it to you to interpret these statistics in whatever way you like.

Some people may say for example that it is perfectly logical that people perform less well in a test which is not in their native language.

Others may say that the test should be available in all languages and that racism is implicit in the fact it is only available in English, which some regard as a colonialist oppressive language.


Many people nowadays believe that there are no biological differences between male and female brains, personality, interests or ability in different mental spheres such as language, spatial reasoning etc etc..

The study quoted above showed that MALES PERFORM BETTER IN GAMSAT overall (by about 2.3 points) and that they perform better in section 1 and section 3. Females score better in section 2.


No figures are recorded for transgender, gender fluid, two spirit, non binary etc categories


This of course proves nothing and I leave it to you to read the research and make up your own mind.

There is of course another group of people who are disadvantaged by GAMSAT....people from LOWER INCOME  backgrounds.

Apart from the hefty test fee it also almost a PRE-REQUISITE to buy additional preparation materials to MAXIMIZE your chance of success.

ACER implicitly (explicitly?) endorses this by selling their own preparation materials in the form of no less than 5 different question practice books and online essay marking for 2 essays.*

(They couldn't very well take your money for all that and then say "Oh but it's a waste of money it's not going to help you!")

They also say in their OFFICIAL test advice -

"success in GAMSAT is unlikely without knowledge and ability in the biological and physical sciences."

So unless your prior studies were in the sciences you're going to have to buy books, courses etc. to teach yourself these subjects.

And of course....people with MORE money can buy MORE preparation materials, MORE books, MORE courses and so on......

The only good news in all this is that while you can't change your sex or race or age, at least most people CAN save up some extra cash even if they have to make some sacrifices to do so.

Especially if it's for something as important and potentially life changing like getting into med school.

Cut out your weekly pizza, your Starbucks every morning etc and those little changes can soon add up.

Whatever your individual situation the IMPORTANT THING RIGHT NOW for you  is that GAMSAT isn't going to change by the next sitting.

So no point whining about it.

So  if YOU'VE ALREADY DECIDED YOU NEED A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE  by investing in more materials...

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For  full honesty though, I don't have 100% positive feedback, look at this for example -

"I didn't find ANYTHING useful in your guide, this was a total waste of money. Please send FULL refund  as stated guarantee on your website" - Shakib

Well you can't please 100% of people 100% of the time, that's exactly why I offer a money back guarantee.

Dr Peter Griffiths

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