GAMSAT Birmingham Test Centre | Location, parking, where is the test held?

What is the location of the Gamsat Birmingham test centre and is there parking?

The test is usually held in the same location every year.

In the past the Birmingham Gamsat has been held in The New Bingley Hall, 1 Hockley Circus, Birmingham B18 5PP which is five minutes from the city centre.

So if you're taking Gamsat in Birminham the chances are that's where you'll be taking it.

However although ACER do tend to re-use the same venues for the test the actual locations are not confirmed until you receive your official admissions ticket about two weeks before the test.

So to be on the safe side you should probably hold off until you get the official notification before you make hotel reservations or other travel arrangements.


The venue has 250 on site car parking spaces, the entrance to the car park is via the Hockley Circus roundabout.

Parking for GAMSAT in Birmingham
Parking for GAMSAT in Birmingham

I recommend contacting the venue beforehand to check if any other functions are being held in the centre on the day of the test and whether the car park is likely to be full or not.

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