Online Gamsat 2021 - COVID Measures

In this article I'm going to summarise the format of the online Gamsat in 2021 as recently announced by ACER due to ongoing COVID 19 measures.

The test will be taking place in test centres on computers as in September 2020.

It seems ACER has abandoned the online at home ProctorU system although it is still possible this will be used for particular people in exceptional circumstances as it was in Sept 2020.

Computers will be provided in the test centre, you do not have to bring your own.

Whether this is now going to become a permanent change or the test will go back to being paper based after COVID is uncertain at this time.

The test dates for 2021 are:

March 17th - 30th

September 3rd - 16th

The test centres currently available are:

Gamsat Test Centres 2021
Gamsat Test Centres 2021

However ACER have stated centres may be added/removed according to circumstances.

You choose your preferred centre at time of registration.

My usual advice to register as soon as possible to maximize your chance of getting your preferred location still stands.

When locations are full candidates will be allocated to centres randomly.

As per last year the number of questions and timings have changed for the computer test as follows:

Questions per section GAMSAT 2021
Questions per section GAMSAT 2021

There is no break between section 1 and 2.

There is a 30 minute break between section 2 and 3.

In September it was allowed to leave the centre to eat, have a cigarette etc. in the 30 minute break although I'd recommend making using the toilet a first priority to avoid the inevitable queues.

If you think you'll need something to eat I advise bringing it with you as there may not be shops/cafes nearby and in any case there may not be time in the 30 minutes allowed.

Although not stated in the official ACER booklet it is likely that there will be both morning sessions and afternoon sessions allocated randomly.

In September morning sessions started at 7.00am so be prepared for an early start.

If you have some distance to travel to the test location you may seriously want to consider booking a hotel nearby for the night before.

Section 2

Your essays will need to be typed on the computer. If your typing skills are not so good then you should start practicing now to improve your speed.

The two essays will be written back to back as always.

Scrap Paper

Two pieces of scrap paper will be provided per SESSION.

This seems to mean that you will have 2 pieces for section 1 AND two, then another two pieces for section 3.

Scrap paper must be handed in at the end of each session.


In September it was reported that visibility of clocks was inadequate in some centres and there was no timer on the computers.

You are allowed to bring an analogue watch which I recommend you do.

Online Platform Demo

Once you've registered for Gamsat via the official ACER website you'll get access to an online demo which will show you how the online system works and so you can familiarise yourself with it.

Obviously you should take advantage of this.

That's the main points, registration is now open on the ACER website, the rest of the test seems pretty much the same as always with regard to content, types of questions etc.

If I hear of any significant updates I'll let you all know.

Best of luck!

Dr Griffiths

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT check out Griffiths Gamsat Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System
Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System