Where is GAMSAT held in London? | London test centre locations

The London Gamsat is held at two locations: the first is the Leonardo Royal Hotel London City in EC3N and the second is the Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge in E3.

However although ACER do tend to re-use the same venues for the test, the actual locations are not confirmed until you receive your official admissions ticket about two weeks before the test.

So to be on the safe side you should probably hold off until you get the official notification of the address before you make hotel reservations or other travel arrangements.

Let's take a look at both locations, how to get there whether by public transport or by car and see some student feedback about conditions in the test centre.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London City

8-14 Cooper's Row, London,  EC3N 2BQ


London Gamsat Test Centre City
London Gamsat Test Centre City


By far the most practical way to travel in London is by public transport, to reach the hotel you have several options:

From nearby Tower Hill Tube Station the hotel is a 1 minute walk. You also have the Tower Gateway DLR Station (Docklands Light Railway) which is a 4 minute walk. If coming by train you also have London Fenchurch Street Station which is also a 4 minute walk.

If coming by car there is a public car park a 5 minute walk away called Minories Car Park at 1 Shorter Street, E1 8LP which charges £4 per hour.



Since this test centre is located inside a hotel, if you need a place to stay while you take the test why not stay right here for maximum convenience.

If not then being in central London there are many other hotels nearby within walking distance including the Double Tree by Hilton Tower of London which is practically next door at 7 Pepys Street or the Novotel London Tower Bridge Hotel at 10 Pepys Street.

Student Feedback About This Centre

I sat the exam at a London test centre. The hotel was called the Leonardo Royal Hotel London City.

We were told to arrive at 7am, the exam began at around 7:32 or 7:34.

There was no strict checking of water bottles and pencils. Others were instructed to not have their pencil cases on their desk, they had to take out the required items.

There were no issues in the test centre. Feedback that I would give to any other candidate, would definitely be to read widely for section 1. I’m hopeful this advice shows in my grades. But thank you for everything.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

45 Prescot St, London, E1 8GP


London Gamsat Test Centre Tower Bridge
London Gamsat Test Centre Tower Bridge


By public transport you can walk from nearby Tower Hill Tube Station in about 8 minutes or from Aldgate Tube Station in 7 minutes.

If coming by car the Minories Car Park as mentioned above is just a 5 minute walk away being located almost exactly half way between the two Leonardo hotels.


Again since this test centre is a hotel the most convenient option if you need someplace to stay the night before the test is to stay right here.

If not the nearest other hotels are Premier Inn London City (Tower Hill) hotel at 22-24 Prescot St, E1 8BB and the Rockwell East Apart Hotel at 99 Mansell Street, E1 8AX.

Student Feedback About This Centre

1. What city did you sit Gamsat in and what was the name of the test centre e.g. hotel name or conference centre name.

London, UK. The test centre was the Leonardo Royal Hotel in the Tower Bridge district. Good conference centre, terrible and overpriced hotel.

2. What time were you told to arrive for registration?


3. What time did the test actually start

07.40am at the latest

The queue at 07.00 was fairly long. However, the registration process was actually fairly fast. I was at the top of the queue by about 07.20. I wouldn't advise getting their any later than 10-15 minutes after the stated time.

4. Was there strict checking of water bottles, pencils etc?


5. Where there any issues in the test centre or any other feedback you'd like to give?

No, the actual test centre was great. I stayed in the hotel which was hot, sticky, non-existent air conditioning and worse. The actual ACER representatives (I think they were actually 3rd party sub-contractors as they mispronounced "ACER"!) were effective, quick, polite and very reasonable. All the kit worked well and they did make every effort for clocks. The only snag was that they didn't allow watches to be on wrists. I found that having a watch on my desk was actually more distracting than just looking at a clock on the wall!

I sat mine in London at the Leonardo Royal London tower bridge hotel.

I was told to arrive for registration at 02:00 and the test started around 2:45pm I think.

Checking of water bottles, pencils etc was minimal.

In terms of issues one woman behind me had techno issues with logging on to the computer not quite sure what it was but they started without her and she eventually had to leave as they couldn’t get it to work. Apart from that everything went smoothly.

Please find below my responses about my test centre:

1. I sat the Gamsat in London  - Leonardo Royal Hotel - Tower Bridge

45 Prescot Street London E1 8GP

2. 2pm arrival time for registration

3. Test actually started at 2:45pm ish

4. Only clear water bottles with clear liquids were permitted. Someone had a clear bottle with cola in it and it was confiscated.  Pencils, stationary etc weren’t checked.

5. There were no other issues worth mentioning.

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT check out Griffiths Gamsat Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System
Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System

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