GAMSAT Help - Assistance For Gamsat Preparation

Time to get real, despite all the encouraging stories of past students now happily at medical school and inspirational quotes on social media most people still need some kind of Gamsat help.

This test is intimidating and since you'll probably be preparing for it in a solitary fashion can sometimes feel lonely. But before you start feeling overwhelmed don't worry because Gamsat help is at hand.

It's important to recognize right at the outset that this is going to be a challenge so it's important to find all the sources of help you can get. Every little tip along the way can make your life easier and improve your chances of success.

Finally remember that despite the perfect photos of study areas and fantastic colour coded study notes that you see on Instagram, everyone else is going through the exact same experience as you!

Gamsat Help - Tip 1: Find Out Everything You Can About The Test

Now I'm not just talking about the obvious stuff here. Obviously you're going to need to need to know the format of the test, how many sections it has, what's tested in each section, how long the test lasts etc.

So if you don't already know that then you need to find out all this basic level information first.

But apart from that there's other important tips you can get which will help you with Gamsat. For example from other students experiences maybe you can find out trends in the test, topics which tend to come up frequently and other pointers to guide your preparation.

In the left margin of this website (or at the bottom if you're reading on a phone) there's a box where you can download student feedback from the latest Gamsat sittings which I compile every year.

Gamsat Help -Tip 2: Join Student Discussions

In a way this is related to the first tip, but a good way to obtain and share news about the test is to join in online discussions whether it's in forums, Reddit communities or Gamsat Facebook Groups

Apart from giving your own two cents worth and picking up other peoples hints and predictions you'll also see that others are going through the same experience as you. Being part of a community like this can be a great source of motivation. Especially as the test grows closer and your confidence may start to wane.

A word of warning though, don't use these discussions as an excuse to avoid doing work because it's "research". Use your time wisely.

Gamsat Help - Tip 3: Gather Your Resources

So having found out all about the test and made your study plan you now have to decide which study resources will be most helpful. And you're going to want exposure to a variety of different sources.

First off get all the official ACER materials, the three practice tests they publish and the shorter booklets as they're the most realistic indicator of the real thing. Yes, I know they cost money and money is often an issue for students, but unfortunately you're going to have to spend some cash to sit Gamsat.

Think of it as an investment rather than an expense. This is going to be paid back many fold when you start working as a doctor or dentist.

I'll talk more about paid materials in the next point. But for now let's look at some free Gamsat resources which won't cost you a penny.

There are plenty of online newspapers and magazines which cover news, current affairs and so on for Gamsat section 1 and there's also no shortage of online poems, cartoons and other materials which you can use as source material.

For the essay section you can likewise find inspiration online in the form of TED talks and a Gamsat quote generator which generates quotes for your practice essays just like in the real test.

Finally for Gamsat section 3 it's easy to locate plentiful science resources online to help you learn the science such as Khan academy and Youtube among others.

Gamsat Help - Tip 4: Consider Investing In A Course

So as mentioned above I understand that money is not always plentiful when you're a student but investing in a course can be a great way to kick start your studies and give you a confidence boost.

Having a reliable guide to tell you exactly what you need to do can greatly accelerate your progress especially if your guide has passed Gamsat him/herself and knows what you're going through.

Think of it as being like a sports person and their coach. All the top sports people in any kind of sport and no matter how high their level is always have a coach. The coach allows the player to concentrate on improving their performance while the coach takes care of the details and also looks at the big picture and overall strategy.

In fact while the coach may never even have competed at as high a level as the person they are coaching, what they do have is years of experience which they can impart. Whatever situation the player encounters, their coach has been through it before and can advise on the best course of action.

Gamsat Help - Tip 5: Enjoy The Process

Easier said than done! But try to enjoy your Gamsat preparation as part and parcel of being a doctor, dentist or whatever other profession you want to enter.

Doctors face many, many exams starting with medical school and beyond all the way up to specialization. So rather than think of Gamsat as an obstacle to your success, it will help you psychologically to view it as simply the first stage of your medical career.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you need any other assistance with the test feel free to get in touch by email.

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT check out Griffiths Gamsat Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System
Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System